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smart mouth pizza
smart mouth pizza


The Challenges & The Solution

Why the Name?

What Can You Tell Me About The Company?

The Smart Mouth program has been developed by Bull’s Eye Brands, Inc., an Atlanta-based food service company, which has serviced the quick-service industry for years. Bull’s Eye is owned and managed by a food-service family, which has operated nationally for three generations.

  • Bull’s Eye Brands, Inc. was founded in 1996. Initially the focus of the company was franchising pizza and sub shops inside strip centers and convenience stores.

  • Bull’s Eye Brands developed the Smart Mouth Pizza brand in 2001, responding to the demand of food service directors in the southeast and their need to increase profit within their high schools by feeding more kids.

  • The challenge was two fold. The first was to make changes to our product to make it more nutritious without changing the taste profile.  

  • Other companies had tried the transition to schools before, but failed because they took the processing of the dough too far. We had to keep it fresh. To do this without creating too much labor, we had to create an easy system for the preparation of the pizzas.

The second challenge was to provide the proper equipment that would bake our product to be consistent with what teens are use to getting at the large pizza chains that they most often frequent. After all, we had never seen a successful pizzeria with a convection oven to bake pizzas. Pizzas had to be baked at high temperatures, evenly, and fast. Only a true impingement pizza oven could do this.

We also needed to provide a branded look that would get the attention of this very choosy consumer. Along with the look we needed the best system to serve the greatest number of customers possible. This led to the the development of our Smart Mouth kiosk and serving line. Our first locations started out selling the pizzas a la carte and making a good profit with sales of 250 pizzas per day. Since 2001 we have begun servicing both high schools and middle schools in districts all over the Southeast. Most of our schools are selling the pizza as part of their meal plan. With this they are finding increases of participation in the hundreds. Several of our schools sell 500 pizzas per day. And the first school we opened in 2001 is still going strong selling more pizza today than when they opened.

We are so confident in fact that we offer a 100% guarantee. If you put the Smart Mouth Pizza program in your school and we do not increase your participation to a level that you are satisfied with we will pick up all the equipment and you will owe nothing. Give us a call and let us prove to you what a Smart Mouth Pizza program can do for your bottom line.

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