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teens pizza
teens pizza


Smart Mouth Pizza and Students

Smart Mouth Pizza is committed to engaging with students in social media, through school activities and direct involvement that benefits the schools participating in our program. It is also how we know that students love our product, our brand, actively get involved with our program and can help schools deliver stronger results for in school lunches served.

Our sampling surveys show that students prefer these freshly baked, restaurant quality pizzas to both in-house pizza and “brought-in” slices from local chain outlets. Smart Mouth Pizza researched the pizza taste that today’s young people like the most:

  • The Crust - Our special honey-wheat recipe is crisp on the outside, like real pizzeria pizza. But it is soft and chewy on the inside, and tastes like the freshly baked dough that it is. Kids can taste the purer flavor of the bread flour, and a hint of sweetness from the honey. And you’ll love that it has 5 gm of fiber.

  • The Sauce - Our pizza sauce is a custom blend, made from fresh, whole tomatoes.There is a real difference to the flavor because we do not use canned paste. And, we add traditional herbs for that real Italian taste.

  • The Cheese - 100% Mozzarella. This means our pizza is gooey, but not greasy, and students notice the difference.

  • The Toppings - Our meats are first quality, with no fillers or additives. Students are increasingly choosy about meat taste and quality, and comment positively about our meats in taste tests.

They Like Our Personal Pan Portion:

Students like the grab-and-go personal pizza. They’re accustomed to the taste and quality of this type of pizza from restaurants, and the hearty, 7.5 oz size fills them up. An a la carte offering like Smart Mouth Pizza gives students a great dining option. And the price is actually cheaper than they are used to paying at a chain, where personal pan cheese pizzas can retail for $3.29 and up.

They Like our Brand:

Students like the branded appeal of the Smart Mouth program. They are experienced pizza consumers. They understand the product has been targeted to their tastes and they appreciate it. The brightly colored boxes, portable kiosk and edgy logo really liven up your lunchroom.

Need more proof?

300 Students in a Texas school were surveyed by the school nutrition department after sampling Smart Mouth Pizza.

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