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Feed More Kids

December 19, 2019

Our promotion for the month of January is focused on giving away 1 Million Meals to our two charities, Rayo de Sol and No Kid Hungry.  For every pizza that we sell during the month we will donate the monies for 1 meal.  Kids love a cause and traditionally the month of January is slower for most of our schools so we thought we would help you FEED MORE KIDS in your school(s) and at the same time feed more kids that are less fortunate.

We have contacted each of your school’s clubs that focus on Community Service in hope of generating awareness for this exciting cause and promotion.  You should also have received a kit with posters for each of your schools.  You will need to distribute these accordingly.  We also have some buttons being made that we will send directly to the schools to wear on the serving line (they didn’t get here in time).

Our new website will be launching on Friday to help build awareness to the cause and a social media campaign will start over the Christmas break which will include an exciting video contest for the students.  You will be receiving information on this contest in a separate email in the next few days.

Be prepared for a large spike in pizzas sold (we are estimating a 20% to 30% increase) as teens love a good cause they can get behind.  If you have any questions or would like additional information you can email Austin in our marketing department at  We also hope that you will consider making changes in your menu for the month to help us reach our goal of 1 Million meals donated.

You can download the artwork below to print additional flyers.

Download poster

What was delivered to each District Office

2 – 18 x 25 posters – perfect for your floor stanchion signs (if you do not have a stanchion signs you can place on a wall)
10 – 8.5 x 11 double sided posters to be placed on walls, windows, or anywhere around your schools to generate interest in this great cause.

We also have 3″ buttons available to wear on the serving lines and registers.  If you would like for us to send you some just respond to this email with how many you need and we will mail them to you as soon as they come in.  Should be waiting on you when you get back from break.

How best to be prepared

First, make sure to get your posters from the district office up in the schools.  This is the first time we (or anyone in the industry that we are aware of) has ever done a promotion like this.  The truth is we have no way of knowing what to expect.  Be prepared with extra pizzas.  While we are estimating that you should see a 20-30% increase in pizza sales each day we just don’t know.  Let customer service know when placing your orders of your increase in volume.  If you are concerned that you may not have enough pizza pans you can always supplement with calzones and Smackers.  The donation we make to the charities is all based on the dough you purchase during the month of January so any of our items will work.  

And finally, if things go nuts know that you are doing a really good thing.  We will do our best to support you in any way possible.  You can call your Program Manager or the office at any time.  Please share with us on social media or through email and let us know how the kids are responding.  This may be an opportunity to gets some kids to eat with you for the first time so keep serving the best product possible!

How the promotion works

As stated above, we will base our donation on the pizza dough you purchase during the month of January.  In short each case of pizza dough equates to 180 meals.  When the promotion is over you will receive a certificate from us that you can print and display at the school so your students will know just how many meals they were responsible for.