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How Loyal to Smart Mouth are You?

March 20, 2020

It’s time to put your loyalty to the test. How many of these Smart Mouth items have you tried? 

🍕 Cheese

🍕 Cheeseburger

🍕 Chicken Bacon Ranch

🍕 Italian Combo

🍕 Balls of Fire

🍕 Texas Special

🍕 Veggie

🍕 The Works

🍕 BBQ Chicken

🍕 Hot Wing

🍕 Hawaiian

🍕 Pepperoni

🍕 Pepperoni Calzone

🍕 Meatball Calzone

🍕 Italian Sausage Calzone

🍕 Smackers Sandwich 

🍕 Cheesy Bread

How many have you tried? Let us know on social media. If you’ve tried at least 8, we’d like to officially thank you for your Smart Mouth loyalty. If you haven’t tried 8 yet, it’s time to start trying new things at your school!