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You Know You’re a Smart Mouth Lover if…

February 21, 2020

Has anyone ever challenged your love for Smart Mouth? Have no fear. Now you can prove all the haters wrong, because we have the definitive guide to knowing that you’re a Smart Mouth lover. 

Here it is. You know you’re an ultimate Smart Mouth lover if… 

You sometimes “accidentally forget” to pack a lunch so you have to buy some pizza

Lunch money is your love language

Your mouth is watering right now just thinking about Smart Mouth

You have at least 1 Smart Mouth swag item

You miss it on weekends and holidays

You’ve tried to find a place that sells Smart Mouth when you’re not in school (sorry)

The lunch ladies know you by name

The lunch ladies also know your favorite pizza toppings by heart

Someone has told you that you have a smart mouth but you took it as a compliment

You consider coming back to high school after you graduate just for some pizza

You’ve sent a Snapchat of your pizza

You’ve snuck Smart Mouth into class before

No one ever asks you what you want for lunch because they already know the answer

You follow us on social media and have actually slid into our DMs before

If you’ve done at least 10 of these things, then congratulations, you’re a true Smart Mouth fan. Thanks for the loyalty. Now, go eat some pizza.